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Mouth Hunger or Stomach Hunger?

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Emotional eating, or “mouth hunger” has all kinds of impacts on your health. In this episode, host Michael Anne Conley shares a perspective about how to start dealing with emotional eating. This episode includes an experiential exercise.

The truth about most therapy! (with bonus tips)

Bravo to Therapist/Writer Jonathan Alpert, who confronted problems with psychotherapy recently in The New York Times.  His article, “In Therapy Forever – Enough Already,” is terrific.  Here are a few comments from me, followed by a link to his original article.

1) Despite the fact that most people have “problems in living” (my term) rather than “mental disorders,” clients and their therapists have allowed themselves to be held hostage by the medical model and the insurance industry.

Heads up, folks:  Using your insurance to pay for therapy will require a mental illness diagnosis that will stay on your medical record – forever!  In some cases, your therapist’s records will go on electronic systems and both of you will [Read more…]

Habits & Cancer: Are You Too Fast With Food?

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Getting in touch with your relationship to food starts not with what you eat, but how you eat. In this episode of Habits into Health, host Michael Anne Conley offers one way to address this. This episode includes an experiential exercise.

Stopping smoking is not just personal. It’s also a political act.

Walking in the Question:  How do you manage your own personal habits in a way that is life affirming rather than self-destructive, not just in your own life, but in the wider world?

by Michael Anne Conley, LMFT

We all have habits, right?

Some habits are innocuous.  Who cares if you brush your teeth before you wash your face — or the other way around. No problem.

On the other end of the continuum are personal habits that everyone has a stake in whether they know it or not — because what we do in our own lives creates problems not just for the people we know, but also for people we’ll never meet. Let’s take the topic for this week’s Habits Into Health podcast: Smoking, which is one of three lifestyle habits that increases the risk of cancer.

Yes, each person who smokes risks his or her own quality and length of life, and the jury is also out on the effect of second-hand smoke for people who are around the smoker.  But not enough is said about the role that everyone — smokers and non-smokers alike — plays on the public policy level that perpetuates the behavior of smoking!

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Discover Life Beyond the Screen!

By Michael Anne Conley, LMFT

How much are you facing a screen? How often do you clock out of your technology? What would happen if you set aside the cell phone for a day, or didn’t watch the tube – or the YouTube – for a week?

These are not idle questions as we approach this year’s Screen-Free Week, scheduled from April 30 to May 6. It’s only a few weeks away, so here’s a head start in considering whether – and how – you might play with life beyond the screen.

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Habits and Cancer – Blowing Smoke

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Nicotine is the hardest of habits to stop – even when you’re ready. If you smoke, or know someone who does, you probably know all the facts about the dangers of smoking. But people don’t change because of facts. Smoking happens to be the main lifestyle habit that is tied to increased risk of cancer, and if knowing this fact were enough, none of us would ever start smoking in the first place. This dilemma about nicotine addiction is an excellent example of why willpower is not enough to change any problem habit. And shaming people into change doesn’t help either. In this episode of Habits into Health, host Michael Anne Conley offers perspective to support your exploration of changing this – or any other habit that has gotten the better of you. This episode includes an experiential exercise.

The Habit-Cancer Connection: Responsibility, Not Blame

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A recent study indicates that lifestyle habits are linked to more than 50% of all cancer. In this episode, host Michael Anne Conley opens a conversation about the dance between taking responsibility and placing blame when you have a habit that may put you at risk.  This episode includes an experiential exercise.

How do you navigate this tricky territory between taking responsibility for the habits you have that increase your risk — tied to smoking, diet and exercise — and the widespread belief that you’re to blame if you get a diagnosis.  Your thoughts are welcome in this discussion.

4th Path to Emotional Sanity

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We all want our rewards, and many a time, we don’t even know that we have expectations until they haven’t been met.

In this episode, host Michael Anne Conley offers the 4th Path to Emotional Sanity, which reinforces the benefits of letting go of our expectations. This episode includes an experiential exercise.