Self-Help Question #4 ~ Are You Isolated?

Self-Help Question #4 ~ Do Friends Help? (part 3)
August 5, 2013
Being With v. Doing To (in honor of Holistic Health Pioneer Richard B. Miles)
August 19, 2013

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Are you concerned, worried or downright anxious about a problem habit – and feeling isolated? In this episode, I discuss ways you can help yourself. This episode includes an experiential practice to support you in reaching your habit change goal.

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Resources I can recommend for finding a therapist:


International Network of Integrative Mental Health

Formative Psychology Resources


European Association for Body Psychotherapy

United States:

Body Psychotherapy in the U.S.

American Mental Health Alliance Therapist Locator


Use your favorite search engine and search for psychotherapy in your local area.  Then once you have some names, do a separate search for your national, state/province government to find the agency that will verify if the therapists you’re interested are trained and licensed to practice in your area.

Self-Help Resources
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in the U.S.

non-12-step self-help groups

CLICK HERE if you want more Christian God in your self-help group.

Recovery International

Emotions Anonymous



Michael Anne Conley
Michael Anne Conley
As a habit change expert, my approach to transforming habits is the result of 30 years experience serving clients who are dealing with all kinds of habits that create problems for themselves and others. (That includes the habit of worrying about someone else's habits!) As a holistic therapist, I've developed a step-by-step process that can help you stop feeling energetically drained, wondering what you're doing wrong or what's wrong with you, and start creating healthy habits that serve you in moving your life where you want to go.

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