Stillpoint Center for Health, Well-Being & Renewal:

Many years ago I had a dream of being a part of a community of healing arts professionals. Stillpoint, my professional home since 1993, is the result. Please visit to find out more about our in-person services in various integrative health practices. We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.


Health Professionals & Integrative Health Resources I recommend:

Stanley Keleman
It was my good fortune in 1983 to learn about Stanley, who has played a major role in the development of somatic psychology for the past 50 years. His understanding of human functioning is, by far, more profound and far-reaching than any other framework I have encountered. It has been a blessing to receive what I can, and pass along what I am able. The ground is rich and evolving. I recommend that you listen to a recent interview with Stanley in which he clarifies the difference between “being bodied” and “living an embodied life.”  For newcomers, I often recommend Stanley’s book Your Body Speaks Its Mind, as well as an interview on “Depression and Panic.”


Tamara Greenberg
A central figure in my adult life, Tamara has been a rock who has guided me consistently through my own changes, personally and professionally. With her support, I have become myself. This is no small achievement, as she well knows.


Andrew Weil & the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
Andrew Weil has been carrying the banner for integrative medicine for many years. His ability to present the rationale for bringing the best of all approaches to health care under one umbrella is most valuable. How wonderful it was to participate in 2010 at the first gathering of integrative mental health professionals, convened by the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, which he founded.


My gratitude for assistance with Habits Into Health goes to:

Walt Stevenson:  Walt is a wonderful friend, engaging conversationalist and gifted artist. I can’t thank him enough for his loan of “Alice’s Bearded Iris” for my logo. Please enjoy Walt’s creativity on paper and fabric on his website.

Martin Carrion and Cristina Proaño-Carrión: Thanks to Martin and Cristina, Habits Into Health has a website and Facebook page. Martin has been a great help, as well, with the Stillpoint integrative health center website, where I have my practice.  Thank you both!

Sam Crowley: Sam is an inspiration, from his story about how Every Day Is Saturday got started, to his dedication to passing on the good news. Thank you Sam, for helping me get my podcast going!

Kevin McLeod: Kevin is a generous musician who writes lots of music, royalty free and affordable, too! I thank him for his composition “Continue Life,” which I’m using in the Habits Into Health podcast program. I not only like the music, the title is also a beautiful fit!