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Do you pressure yourself into doing it all — until the stress in your life reaches your ears?

Are you over-thinking and over-doing everything to manage your stress and anxiety?


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  • "Waking up to our patterns can be key to changing the hold our habits have on us. Michael Anne Conley brings decades of experience to the area of habit change. She can help you tune into the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) messages of the physical body to guide your healing process."
    Tracy Woodruff, LMFT
    Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
  • "Michael Anne turns the habit change process on its head! Resolving your resistive habits has never been more loving, kind and effective."
    Irene Neale
    How to Master Money: Creating Harmony in Relationships
  • FP
    "It was so worth taking the time to practice letting go of tension and undo the stress. Very helpful for this “over-stimulated’ and overstressed mom!"
    Retreat Participant

If you been trying to tame anxiety & overwhelm for years . . . and nothing you’ve done has worked for long...or at all...

It’s because your anxiety is only part of your problem, It’s also your Distraction Devils that have made things worse!

Do you end up telling yourself that THIS TIME, you’re going to do something different? And then you don’t give yourself credit where credit is due?

The Comparison Trap

Maybe you compare your insides with other people’s outsides. The Comparison Trap is Sallie’s pattern. “I am always picking somebody else to copy who I’m sure is doing better than me,” she says.

The Knowing Trap

Or maybe you’re like Marjorie, who’s stuck in The Knowing Trap.

She knows what the problem is, and all the life experiences that lead to this. But knowing hasn’t helped her find confidence in herself, peace of mind or just plain relief!

She’s stuck in her anxiety, and even though she knows what she “ought to do,” she believes, “I just lack self-discipline. That’s the one single thing — if only I disciplined myself, I would be able to stop being wound up and start doing what I ought to do without being worried or guilty.

If you’re like Sallie or Marjorie, you’ve been unable to get enough momentum to make the essential switch.

Whether your Default Habit is simply annoying (like chewing your fingernails), seriously life threatening (like alcohol, drug or nicotine use), or somewhere in between (if you’ve gotten caught in an endless cycle, this is probably blocking you from living your dreams in your personal life and in your career.

Wouldn’t you like to stop procrastinating about all this?

Aren’t you tired of putting so much time and energy into the needs of others but holding back on your own needs?

Isn’t it time to stop being so busy with the small stuff, and to start reaching for your visions, your passions and your true goals instead?

Start by saying “yes” to a Anxiety Relief Consultation with Michael Anne.

YES...I'm Ready To Get Anxiety Relief

Imagine being able to develop a skill that stops these ways of thinking and feeling about yourself:

If you’re like most women, you’ve tried these three common mistakes in dealing with your anxiety, and fallen into Habit Hell with your never-ending Distraction Habits. You might also think that if your attempts didn’t last — or work at all — that it’s something you did wrong!

Not so!!

There’s a new truth about anxiety, overwhelm, their Distraction Habits that keep you stuck and EVEN personal problems in general!

What I know is that a single call with me can create a shift for you, so you can start turning around whatever has been controlling you and creating unhappiness in your life.

How is that possible?

My name is Michael Anne Conley, and over the past 30+ years I’ve been assisting busy women (and some of their men, too) who are suffering from the self-defeating habits that only make their anxiety worse — (including trying to control other people over their anxiety, overwhelm and habit patterns, too).

I know you’ll get some peace and relief by saying “YES” to an Anxiety Relief consultation with me!

YES...I'm Ready

Consider being able to create a future that’s different from your past. Imagine what it will be like to:


Free yourself from that sense of powerlessness.


Release the blame and judgment you’ve had for so long!!

If you are ready to unwind the anxiety and overwhelm that’s getting in the way of your health and happiness, then sign up below for your own 45-minute Anxiety Relief Consultation. This private telephone session is valued at $300 and it’s complementary. (I only offer a limited number of these so don’t wait to get started!)

(CAUTION: This journey is NOT for the weak of heart. We won’t just talk about the patterns that aren’t serving you. In fact, I promise that the parts of you that want to keep doing the same things that have brought you to this point are going to feel challenged. That’s good news, because they’ve gotten you used to failure, and if you are ready to let go failure, this consultation can help you move your life in the direction you want to go!)

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