January 31, 2015

Take a Do-Over!

Listen on iTunes Learn from doing things over. In this episode, I walk you through a No Judgment Zone perspective about trying again. Don’t stop there. If […]
January 22, 2015

Hold on! Let Go!

Listen on iTunes Hold on – and learn to let go! In this episode, I share a practice to support you. It’s more than meditation! To learn […]
January 18, 2015

Solitaire lesson ~ Letting Go

Listen on iTunes What does letting go really mean? In this episode, I share a practice to support you in exploring this important aspect of creating change […]
January 10, 2015

Self-Care Practice

Listen on iTunes Creating habits of self-care an important part of letting go of patterns that keep you stuck. In this episode, I share a stress-reducing practice […]
January 3, 2015

Making Stuff Up!

We’re all making stuff up. In this episode, I speak to the good news about this for you. To help out, check out the stress-reducing practice in the […]