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The Hunger in H.A.L.T.

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Used in self-help programs all over the world, the H.A.L.T. process is a good method for self-care and can keep you on track in making your changes. In this episode host Michael Anne Conley begins by exploring the Hunger aspect of H.A.L.T. This episode includes an experiential exercise. To explore more about holistic and somatic approaches to freeing yourself from problem habits, explore this webite!

Tell Sugar Sayonara

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Saying goodbye to sugar isn’t easy to do all at once, but you can get started and it will pay off. A basic Habits Into Health principle for sustainable change is to start small for bigger results and be kind to yourself along the way. This episode continues in a series about making dietary changes to reduce your risk of cancer and other serious illnesses. An experiential exercise is included to nourish your commitment to your changes. To explore more about holistic and somatic approaches to habit change, visit

Watch more about “The Toxic Truth About Sugar” with Robert Lustig, MD

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You Want Me To Stop What???

By Michael Anne Conley, MFT

Almost 13 percent of Californians smoke. That means about 3,000 residents of my town of Lafayette, California.

Every day in China the same number of people – 3,000 – die from illnesses caused by smoking.

And while the number of people who smoke in the US continues to decline, smoking is on the rise in developing countries, especially in Asia, and especially among children and teens.

Do you know a smoker? Are you one of them?

This is a sad and tricky subject that frequently brings up defensiveness, discouragement – and grief. [Read more…]

Inflammation and Your Food

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No matter what your problem habit, you can apply basic principles to begin your changes. One principle is to listen to the signals your body is sending you.  When it comes to diet, one of the three lifestyle habits that can increase or reduce your risk of cancer —  foods that create inflammation are very problematic. This episode  includes an experiential exercise.

For additional information about anti-inflammatory diets, check out this information from Dr. Andrew Weil.



Diet Cure – My Interview With Julia Ross

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Emotional eating doesn’t happen because you don’t have willpower. Hear about the biochemical basis of weight gain and mood swings in this episode. Host Michael Anne Conley interviews Julia Ross, author of the new edition of The Diet Cure. This episode includes an experiential exercise to support learning.