February 27, 2012

3 keys to starting your habit change goals

Listen here on iTunes Creating an environment that supports change is important in changing habits that are creating problems for yourself and others. In this show […]
February 20, 2012

Whitney Houston, women & alcohol

Listen here on iTunes Whitney Houston’s sudden death brings to public attention recent research about alcohol’s effecton the brain, especially in women. Habits Into Health host […]
February 15, 2012

One great way to stop depression

By Michael Anne Conley, LMFT Positive psychologist Martin Seligman and his team of researchers a few years ago discovered an important antidote to feeling down in […]
February 13, 2012

Your living laboratory

Listen on iTunes In this show host Michael Anne Conley shares a perspective about how you can approach your changes more effectively by being a scientist […]
February 6, 2012

Turning worry into contentment

Listen here on iTunes Do you know that worrying isn’t just a mental thing? Here’s some information and experiential exercises to support you in redirecting your pattern […]
February 1, 2012

Women: reduce your stress to deal with alcohol, cocaine use

If you’re a woman, your use of alcohol and cocaine impacts your brain differently than it does for the guys in your life. This has been […]