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3 keys to starting your habit change goals

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Creating an environment that supports change is important in changing habits that are creating problems for yourself and others. In this show host Michael Anne Conley shares three tips that set the tone for reaching your habit change goals. This episode includes experiential exercises. 

Whitney Houston, women & alcohol

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Whitney Houston’s sudden death brings to public attention recent research about alcohol’s effecton the brain, especially in women. Habits Into Health host Michael Anne Conley reflects on this situation, while offering experiential exercises to support listeners in attuning to their sensory experience. Habits Into Health supports listeners in creating their own personal path to changes of habit, starting with deep self-knowing through the body.For additional information and support, consider these resources:


One great way to stop depression

By Michael Anne Conley, LMFT

Positive psychologist Martin Seligman and his team of researchers a few years ago discovered an important antidote to feeling down in the dumps.

In a study he describes as exploring practical components for relieving depression, Seligman aligns with some wisdom from the Dalai Lama.

In The Art of Happiness, the Dalai Lama writes that ultimately, the path to happiness is simple: When you do something and it makes you happy, do it more. Then he says, when you do something and it makes you unhappy, do it less.

Since Seligman’s study offered a key to doing something that leads to feeling more content, I wondered why wouldn’t everyone do it, whether you’re feeling depressed or not? So I experimented myself and now I recommend it to clients.

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Your living laboratory

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In this show host Michael Anne Conley shares a perspective about how you can approach your changes more effectively by being a scientist in your own experimental laboratory. This episode includes experiential exercises.

Turning worry into contentment

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Do you know that worrying isn’t just a mental thing? Here’s some information and experiential exercises to support you in redirecting your pattern of worrying.

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Women: reduce your stress to deal with alcohol, cocaine use

If you’re a woman, your use of alcohol and cocaine impacts your brain differently than it does for the guys in your life.

This has been conventional wisdom in addiction treatment circles for as long as I’ve been working in the field, but now science is backing it up.  A new study that focused on the effects of alcohol and cocaine on the brain is showing that women’s brains respond differently to these substances.

With cocaine use, particularly, the indicators are that stress-reduction practices will go further in helping women deal with their desire for the drug.  For men, cognitive approaches are more likely to be effective. The study, which is reported in the American Journal of Psychiatry, examined brain activation in cocaine-dependent people as well as recreational drinkers.

What kinds of stress-reducing habits might help you — or someone you love — deal more effectively with alcohol and drugs?