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For the holidays, go for satisfaction

How do you engage with the holidays of this season? Do you claim enthusiasm as your birthright? Do you hold an attitude of take ‘em or leave ‘em, finding pleasure here, but shrugging there? Is your heart filled when a holiday has a spiritual or religious connection, but left wanting around the secular?

Many people enter the months between Halloween and New Years with mixed feelings. This can have as much to do with expectations of how we think we’re supposed to feel than anything else — so we can push ourselves into performance and forget acceptance.

For instance, do you find this time filled with pressures and stress, especially when it comes to maintaining traditions? If this is true, how do you manage if your internal rhythm right now just doesn’t match the expectations that you or your family members have? What do you do if your needs at this time don’t fit with your typical way of navigating the holidays? Do others have difficulty if you experiment? Can you let yourself shift how much you extend yourself toward others? Is it okay to change how you’ve always done things? Can you talk honestly with your family and friends about what each of you wants and needs this year?

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