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Habits are helpful – except when they’re not

“Helping people is my hobby. I don’t care if they want help or not.”

The teaser from Dr. Ravi’s latest movie, “Help Me Help You,” got my attention. As a helping professional, it’s my privilege to support people who want my help. Sometimes they aren’t sure how to give or receive help themselves.

Ravi Godse is a Pennsylvania doctor with a passion for creating films in which he’s the fool. This takes courage, which he uses to make points about the human condition. You can check out the trailers for his films, which include “I Am a Schizophrenic and So Am I,” and “Dr. Ravi and Mr. Hyde.”)

All three films have a mental health ring to them, although Dr. Ravi is an internist, not a psychiatrist. “I have seen,” he says, “how many problems well intentioned, but misguided, help can cause.”

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